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A talented Mason builds his own stove

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Dave was planning an addition to his home to better fit their growing family and provide a spacious place to entertain.
When Dave approached me about helping him get a stove in there, we had already talked a lot about heaters, and he had helped me repair an enormous old stove in the mountains of Western Maine.  He is a gifted Mason and also lives very close to me, so we quickly figured that I would design him a stove, and work with him a little each day, leaving him enough homework to keep the project moving while minimizing my time on site.
There's a window from the kitchen into the new space, and there was a desire to use the heater to bake wonderful things.  I suggested a bench to sit on because we'd be so close to the entrance, and that was worked into the final plan.

The Mason's First Heater: Welcome

The Design

Divide a gathering space from an entry space.

This stove was to be the first thing people would see entering the house, and the family would entertain friends and loved ones in front of it, as the large room was to house not only their dining table, but enough extra space to be a schoolroom, playroom, and home to a couple rocking chairs.  The day of our first firing there were 3 generations of the family present.  The heater now warms what has become the heart of their home.

The Mason's First Heater: Image
The Mason's First Heater: Pro Gallery

A few clips of the installation

Coming soon....

The Mason's First Heater: Video
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