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Live well.  Live free.  Live Cozy.

Simple Elegance

The damper slides in and out.  The loading door hinges open and closed.  No computer controls needed, no valves, no tanks, no doohickies or whoziewhats to break or need service.
Anyone who has ever had a late-night wintertime service call on a conventional heating system knows how vulnerable they can be.  Even when they work well they need maintenance regularly to keep going.  Your masonry heater just needs an annual(ish) cleaning and it's always there, always ready to work.

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Buy wise, buy once.

Central Heating Systems last 15-30 years.  Heat pumps and on-demand water heaters maybe half as long.
An Eric Schroeder Masonry Heater is designed to last a lifetime and beyond.  With simple security and a cozy place to spend time with family, you may even be disappointed when the power comes back on.
Your Heater will take the pressure off your other system and can make it last much longer as well.


Fuel Cost

The previous homeowner spend about $1,500-2,000 to heat what is now my home.  

I still use the furnace a little, but now that I have installed a Masonry Heater, my average heating cost including all sources is about $600.  I buy more expensive pre-split wood.  

Adding that difference up over a 10 year period we see a 14,000 dollar difference in fuel cost.  

You can burn many woods in a masonry heater, branches that others would have to discard can be cut to length to fire your stove.  Pine, though not the best fuel, can be used to good effect because it burns so fast.  

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