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Maine Masonry Heater Styles

We offer many styles of heaters, including ground-up custom shapes and sizes.

Ground-Up Customs

The stove that is designed for your home fits your home better than anything else

A quick google search can show that our custom heaters are unlike anything else available in the US. 

We work closely with our clients to help them shape their stoves to fit into their homes in a way that creates an integrated whole that involves stove and space to create "a beautiful focal point. within the home.


Swedish Kakelugnar

Gabriel Artisan Tile Stoves Imported Sweden

Today’s tiled stoves are of the same five-flue design that has been spreading warmth in our homes since the mid-18th century. Gabriel’s tiled stoves have been carefully refined and live up to today’s demands in terms of efficiency, emissions and quality. Our stoves are sold all over Europe and the US and today, we are one of the market leaders in the segment.
The know-how we have been building up in the area of ceramics for almost 100 years is a major asset in the artisan manufacture of tiles. In addition to our standard range, thanks to our flexible production process, we can cater to customer-specific requests. Our factory is still in the same place as at the very beginning in 1925, which in our opinion has a great symbolic value for both the company and the locality of Timmernabben.


Finnish Contra-Flow


A perfect heater for the "typical" US home, this is available as a DIY kit, an installed core that you can add brick to, or a complete heater project.

It's base exit makes it a great choice for retrofits where there's already a chimney (or a chase for a chimney).

well-installed starting at $15,000.

kit alone starts at $7380 + shipping


Lower-Cost Options

Simple elegance and designing with material modules and labor time at the forefront create options.

Where others have focused on DIY kits as the lower-cost option we have focused on the efficient use of skilled labor and the avoidance of anything that doesn't meet the 80/20 principle in the designs of our simpler stoves.

Pictured ar right is our sinlge-skin contraflow heater.  We also offer set designs that include top exits and Core-And-Skin models as well.  


Maintenance and Instruction

Service Subtitle

If you've just bought a home with a Masonry Heater, or are considering buying one, or are having trouble with a heater you've had for years, we are here to help.  With experience across many product lines, designs, and material types, we have the know-how to resolve any issues you may be having and/or to get you on the road to a very happy relationship with your new heater!

email StoveGuyEric@gmail
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