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What our clients have to say about us...



German Style Heater

"It's just what I hoped for.  It provides the warmth, and the inviting visual of the lames... it's really perfect.  It's wonderful."

Custom Brick 

"We love the heat.  When we're not firing the heater, the oil heat just doesn't do it for us anymore...." 


Corner Unit with Bench

"That back bedroom has never been warm before!  We love it!" ~Her
"It burns cleaner than any oil burner I've ever seen, without all the complexity."  ~Him


finished 1.JPG

Clean, Modern, Simple

"I can't tell you how much we appreciated all you did in building the Masonry Heater.  It came out really beautiful, we are really happy with it.  You were a pleasure to work with... your positive attitude, thoughfulness and consideration... The fireplace is cranking.  Great job and Thank You!"

finished 1.JPG

Custom Peninsula Heater

"It was a genuine pleasure sharing ideas together on the design.   What a joy it is to see the result of your craftsmanship and to feel the warm glow from the heater each day..."   

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