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How Eric Schroeder's Maine Masonry Heaters Heat

Embracing the way wood burns is the key to the efficiency, comfort, and coziness of our stoves

     Eric Schroeder's Maine Masonry Heaters create a natural gathering place by exuding a soft radiant warmth that naturally attracts people and causes them to slow down and relax.

      We burn wood hot - 2,000 degrees, so it burns cleanly and completely.

     We store the energy thus produced in a masonry mass that naturally releases the heat evenly over the firing cycle.   

     Unlike the sterile heat of conventional heating systems or the blasting heat of a wood-stove, Eric's stoves give a personality to the space and invite connection.  

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How We Complete Your Home Together

Security only we can offer

Live well.  Live free.  Live Cozy.

Buy wise, buy once.

Central Heating Systems last 15-30 years.  Heat pumps and on-demand water heaters maybe half as long.  Eric Schroeder's Maine Masonry Heaters are designed to last a lifetime and beyond. 
With simple security and a cozy place to spend time with family, you may even be disappointed when the power comes back on.

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Simple Elegance

The damper slides in and out.  The loading door hinges open and closed.  No computer controls needed, no valves, no tanks, no doohickies or whoziewhats to break and leave you facing a cold winter night.
Anyone who has ever had a late-night wintertime service call on a conventional heating system knows how vulnerable they can be.  Even when they work well they need maintenance regularly to keep going.  Your masonry heater just needs an annual(ish) cleaning and it's always there, always ready to work.

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Real-Life Experience

When I bought my home, the previous homeowner had spent about $1,500-2,000 every season to heat it.

Now that I have installed a Maine Masonry Heater, my average heating cost including all sources is about $600 a year including having the wood split for me.  

Maine winters are hard.  Maine winters are wonderful with a Maine Masonry Heater.

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Simple and Custom

Designing truly custom stoves enhances our simple designs.

I don't believe that any Masonry Heater is a commodity and I believe that designing unique stoves has empowered me to design simple stoves better.  

Most Masonry Heaters built in the US are based on the Finnish Contraflow and are the same.  I am blessed to have studied under masons who build these and Austrian style and Russian Bell heaters, to have had unique experiences that have taught me how to size and shape heaters to fit into any space.   Learning to custom-design heaters and living with heaters has taught me to find elegant and simple approaches to accomplish your goals.  

If you want a simple stove, I can build one simpler and more effective than any one-size-fits-all unit.  Just call and ask me about my house and my Maine Masonry Heater!

How We Complete Your Home Together

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