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How Eric Schroeder's Maine Masonry Heaters Heat

Embracing the way wood burns is the key to the efficiency, comfort, and coziness of our stoves

1) We burn wood hot - 2,000 degrees, so it burns cleanly and completely.
2) We store the energy thus produced in a masonry mass that naturally releases the heat evenly over the firing cycle.
Eric Schroeder's Maine Masonry Heaters create a natural gathering place by exuding a soft radiant warmth that naturally attracts people and causes them to slow down and relax.
Unlike the sterile heat of conventional heating systems or the blasting heat of a wood-stove, Eric's stoves give a personality to the space and invites connection.  
Eric has crossed the ocean and the country to bring Maine the next generation of Masonry Heaters.




The typical wood-burning appliance tries to make wood burn low and slow in order to get an even heat for a long time, but wood burns efficiently only when it burns hot and has plenty of oxygen.  We start by designing our firebox based on your heat need to allow temperatures that would destroy a typical metal wood-stove quickly.  People are always amazed when I tell them what we burn to stay warm.

Heat Exchange: 

The gas passes through a network of channels and chambers.  As it moves it warms up the walls of the stove.  By the time it gets to the end of the line, the goal is to have the gasses as cool as possible while avoiding condensation of water and loss or chimney draft.


It's simple: once the stove is warm, it radiates warmth that fills a space with a pleasant feeling all day and all night.  Connect your home and those within it around a hearth that creates cozy in a way nothing else can.


Simple and Custom

Designing truly custom stoves enhances our simple designs.

I don't believe that any Masonry Heater is a commodity and I believe that designing unique stoves has empowered me to design simple stoves better.  

Most Masonry Heaters built in the US are based on the Finnish Contraflow and are the same.  I am blessed to have studied under masons who build these and Austrian style and Russian Bell heaters, to have had unique experiences that have taught me how to size and shape heaters to fit into any space.   Learning to custom-design heaters and living with heaters has taught me to find elegant and simple approaches to accomplish your goals.  

If you want a simple stove, I can build one simpler and more effective than any one-size-fits-all unit.  Just call and ask me about my house and my Maine Masonry Heater!