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Examples of Our Custom Work

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The Gentle Giant

This home was designed and built by it's owner, and he found me at an information session I did at The Shelter Institute, an amazing comminuty center for Timber Frame Construction in Woolwich, Maine (check them out here).


A German Native's Kachelofen

They met in Germany, where she grew up.  When they found me they trusted that their hopes of having a German Style stove in their home would be manifested...


Lake George Granite 

He and I spent summers accross the water from each other in the Adirondacks but never met.  This connection paved the way for me to get Natural Thin Stone  from a place meaningful to both of us.


Thirty Years in The Waiting...

The support for this heater had been waiting 30 years in the large living room for us to adorn it appropriately.  With an almost 4'x8' footprint we had the option to go very large.  The goals however were to define a rear room, and give shelter to a door that might one day lead to a master bedroom while leaving the southern side open and allow a sense of expansiveness to remain.  
We nailed it.

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