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Peninsula Heaters

Note that pricing does not include chimney, support, or destination fee as these very by installation site.  Note that pricing is subject to change. 

Please reach out to discuss your project.



A diminutive and elegant space-definer


The peninsula heater was developed after working with clients in open-concept spaces where a larger, more squared-off stove would have dominated the space and made the different areas feel more diconnected than was desired.   


The answer to this is a long, narrow heat exchange wall oriented so that it's easy to look past with a low firebox extending out from the wall. 

     This gives you a heater that can open up and connect the spaces on two sides while separating the space on the front of the heater from the space on the back.


A heated bench can dramatically increase channel length. 

Fiebox can be oriented to the sides or front of the heater.    

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