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Can You Do It?

If you have a patient mentality and enjoy working with your hands you can install one of our kits or we can design a project with you.  We can also guide you through the process and support you in whichever parth you choose.

Finnish Contraflow Kit

Functionality You Will Love


Developed in Finland following WWII and Introduced to North America by Finnish architect and heater developer Heki Hytannian and Master Heater Mason Albie Barden in a 19702 workshop in Lincolnville, Maine, the Finish Contraflow is most common heater in North America today. 


A simple, clean, classic aesthetic married to a bottom exiting heater with a wide output range.  It's bottom exit maxes the contraflow is a great choice where an existing masonry chimney is to be used.  


Firebox Sizes: 13x16 and 18x18

Heat Exchanger:  Upper Chamber feeding dual 6' down-drafting gravity based heat exchangers.

Wall Thickness: 5" - 6.5" at heat exchanger, depending on size.

Main Body Footprint: Approx 32"x44"


A simple heater designed to be easy to install, our full-size contraflow heater starts at $15,000

Brick 5-Channel 


The Brick 5-Channel heater features a top exit, and considerably more heat exchange channel than the Finnish style heater

Advanced Tech

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. Our expert team of professionals is passionate about developing the most advanced tech on the market. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.


Firebox Sizes: 18x18

Heat Exchanger:  Single firebox exit leads to dual "down and up" channels totaling 25' of heat exchange channel.

Heat Exchanger Thickness: 6.5" 

Main Body Footprint:  Approx. 2'8"x60" 


A brick Swedish heater starts at $19,000


Gabriel Swedish Tiled Stoves


Being refined since 1767, the Gabriel line of heaters brings unparallelled style and efficiency without all the weight and size of a full-sized brick heater.  Perfect for today's high-efficiency and super-insulated homes.  


The heritage of tile, the responsiveness of a thin wall, tested and proven to be a long lasting heater that interjects a cultural legacy into your home and makes any space feel classic and cozy.


Firebox Sizes

Heat Exchanger:  Single firebox exit leads to dual "down and up" channels totaling 25' of heat exchange channel.

Wall Thickness: 3" 

Main Body Footprint:  Approx. 28" diameter or XxX when choosing rectangular. 

Exit: Top or top rear


The Swedish tiled-stove 

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