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This series is designed with output, simplicity, and ease-of-installation in mind.  Designed for brick or plaster finishes these stoves will keep you secure and happy for a long time.  

     Of course, stone accents and other aesthetic features are available on these heaters.  


U - 150 Finnish Contraflow


Developed in Finland and Introduced to North America by Finnish architect and heater devotee Heki Hytannian and Master Heater Mason Albie Barden in a 1970s workshop in Lincolnville, Maine, the Finnish Contraflow is most common heater in North America today. 

Features and options

A simple, clean, classic aesthetic married to a bottom exiting heater with a wide output range.  It's bottom exit maxes the contraflow is a great choice where an existing masonry chimney is to be used.  

     Baking Ovens and Benches are excellent and popular additions to the Finnish Contraflow heater.  


Firebox Size: 15.5" x 18"

Heat Exchanger:  Upper Chamber feeding dual 6' down-drafting gravity based heat exchangers.

Wall Thickness: 4.5" - 6.5" 

Main Body Footprint: Approx 32"x44"

U-180: Brick Five Channel


Originally developed by Crondst and Werde in response to a contest held by the crown, the Swedish five channel offers a top exit and almost double the heat-exchange length of the Finnish Contraflow in a slightly larger package


Firebox Size: 18x18

Heat Exchanger:  Symetrical down-and-up 19 foot channels

Wall Thickness:  6.5"

Main Body Footprint: Approx 32"x56"


U-195: Large Russian-Bell Heater


Based on a popular layout request and the call for a powerhouse heater with lots of internal mass this heater offers long storage time and a proven design. 



Firebox Size: 18x18

Heat Exchanger:  Large Double-Bell Style heat exchanger

Wall Thickness: 6.5" 

Main Body Footprint:  48"x48"

Exit: Top


Note that pricing does not include chimney, support, or destination fee as these very by installation site.  Note that pricing is subject to change. 

Please reach out to discuss your project.

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