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Kachelofen Stoves

Performance and timeless style
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Not just a surface finish

Functionality You Will Love

Natural Clay Tiles

     Classic design or modern elegance, Kachel tiles give you your choice of colors and textures.  Inlays and decorative options abound.   These tiles feel softwhen they are warm.  It's a wonderful aesthetic in every sense.  

Certified Combustion

These German stoves are designed according to a system that is recognized as clean-burning by the IRS.  All well designed Masonry Heaters burn cleanly, but these are recognized as such, so you can get a tax credit.


These tiles form the outer layer of a wall system that does more than look good.  It controls expansion in contraction while allowing a very responsive wall that will last a very long time.  

Advanced Tech

Germany has an industry built around a long-standing tradition of Tile-Stoves.  This makes it possible for the production of the best cartridge-fireboxes and combustion components in the world.

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