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Fire video

Masonry Heater Basics: How a Masonry Stove works

Masonry Heater Smokeless Fire From Outside the House


How we complete your home

who ever put a bearskin rug in front of a heat pump, anyway?


What is custom?

Be true to what you value.

     When we say "custom" we mean a lot more than sticking a heated bench on or using a particular type of stone.  If you want to manifest a vision that fits like a glove into the overall experience of your home in Maine and beyond, a Custom Masonry Heater will accomplish that like nothing else.  We start from what you like and your floor plan and become a work of art that will complete the space you're creating.

    I believe my gallery of work speaks for its self.  We can arrange tours of New York, Vermont, and Maine Masonry Heaters. 


Smaller Stoves for Smaller Spaces

Shouldn't a super-efficient house burn less wood?

 If you are investing in a very efficient home, you shouldn't have the same heater that heats an old farmhouse.

     The same technology that uses six sticks of wood every 12 hours to heat a "normal" house can be applied to cozify your "passive" house with an awesomely sustainable fire viewing experience.   


Simple, Basic, Affordability

Build what you want and need

American Contraflow heaters are pretty much all the same: 3'x4' box about 7 feet high.  If you want an inexpensive heater, it's going to be basic, but we can do it better.

I have designed stoves from 24" to 12' long, short and tall.  Based in Maine, our Masonry Heaters bring security and great economics home to you.  Call to ask how!

     You just need someone who can build a smaller, lighter stove that fits into your home.



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