My approach to design

Our goal is that you get more than what you want and that it's fulfilled in a way that makes your home a special and wonderful place.

My family is full of engineers.  They don't understand why I design functional works of art. 

I have developed an intuitive sense of how space and objects within it work together to generate a pleasant and comfortable environment.  I have learned that my style of design involves both hemispheres of my brain and I love the challenge of unearthing the personality of this project, which has much more to do with you than with me.

Are you utilitarian?  Your stove will be the same!  Are you looking for something that will integrate with a solar system?  You can have it!  We start with a simple question:  "What attracts you to a masonry heater?"

We design around you.

Functionally we start with heat loss and traffic flow around the stove, but comfort isn't just about temperature.  Are we dividing a great room?  Are we in a wall between two spaces?  Are we cooking?  What's important to you?

Aesthetically we start with pictures of stoves and objects that you like.  Is it sleek?  Is it rustic?  Do you like bold and modern?  Do you want a traditional fireplace look?  Stone? Brick? Tile? Plaster?  Simple and clean? sweeping and graceful?  Would it be cool to have the stove climb the wall or integrate with a stairway or be rounded or square or do you just want something no one notices that keeps the space feeling great? 

We talk about the space we're completing with your heater.  Is it a large space with tall ceilings and you want the heater to ground it and give it a solid reference point, or is there a view of the outdoors that should be the focus of the space?

What does your space need for you to feel great about it?  

My job as a designer is to start with your answers and your desires and your space and your heat need and put it all together in a way that simply and elegantly meets those goals.  You are a part of the conversation throughout.    



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