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Surface Finishes

We combine these finishes to create the right combination for your home



Plaster gives a softer appearace that also provides a layer of air-tightening to your stove.  Plaster allows us to create graceful curves.  It helps the stove or sections of it to fade into the background if used with other materials on the sections that you'd like to have "pop out."


Natural Stone

Stone gives a sense of groundedness and rustic solidity to a heater.  It can be used as an accent or a primary surface.



Brick offers a visually interesting and classic finish that hearkens back to earlier times. 
It works well in medium and heavy heaters because of it's thickness.



Tile provides a clean, modern appearance.  It also feels warmer than stone, brick, or plaster.  It is often used as an accent, and alongside plasters to define seating and wood storage areas, as well as making a great accent at the base and crown of a heater.

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How We Complete Your Home Together

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